Since the year 2000, KASKTAŞ’s expertise and experience have diversified greatly. With this diversification and the distribution of its activities to a larger geographical area, KASKTAŞ has been acquiring new machinery and equipment to keep pace with the state-of-the-art techniques required to stay in a leadership position in geotechnical engineering as well as to fulfill a diverse range of requirements needed at a local market level.

Experienced specialist mechanical engineers conduct the purchasing and commissioning of all KASKTAŞ’s machinery and equipment, as well as their necessary spare parts. These highly trained individuals keep up-to-date on all related international developments.

In addition to its years of experience in the geotechnical engineering field, KASKTAŞ is able to work on an international level as a result of its large and fully owned high technology machinery equipment parks.

Today KASKTAŞ can execute – under any environmental conditions, in any kind of soil or rock formation – all geotechnical engineering applications, including but not limited to:

  • Foundation systems (bored pile, driven pile, CFA pile, mini pile, etc.)
  • Deep excavation support systems (diaphragm wall, piled and mini piled wall, sheetpiling, Berliner wall, anchored and strutted shoring system, jet grouted wall, etc.)
  • Slope stability systems (soil nail, temporary and permanent soil anchor, rock bolt, etc.)
  • Ground improvement applications (stone column, jet grout, vibro compaction, wick drain, dynamic compaction, deep mixing, etc.)
  • Drilling and grouting applications (consolidation, compaction, fracture and impermeability grouting, etc.)
  • In-situ tests and quality control tests.