In 2001, KASKTAŞ was the first company in its field in Turkey certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System by the British Standards Institution.

KASKTAŞ management undertakes its responsibilities and conducts itself so that all its actions are in strict accordance with legal regulations, KASKTAŞ’s principles and client expectations, as well as all necessary precautions.

In addition to the requirements of ISO 9001, KASKTAŞ has created written procedures related to all activities which company management deems essential. The Quality Management System documents have been prepared and put into practice in order to provide a system appropriate to the requirements of ISO 9001 and KASKTAŞ’s quality objectives.

To increase client satisfaction, KASKTAŞ’s foremost objective is high quality work in its geotechnical engineering projects. Its quality control department has been equipped with modern instruments to ensure that all geotechnical applications, as well as site and laboratory tests, are implemented without sacrificing quality. For all projects method statements and a quality control plan referring to the related standards are strictly pursued, and in accordance with this plan, a variety of quality control tests are carried out during and after project execution.

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