Компания «КАСКТАШ», имеющая широкий спектр современного оборудования и штат высококвалифицированных специалистов, реализует миссию и ценности компаний «ЭНКА» и «КАСКТАШ» во всех своих проектах в России.


Компания «КАСКТАШ» стремится стать одной их лучших и самой надежной проектной компанией в России в области геотехники и фундаментостроения.


KASKTAŞ, is a leading geotechnical engineering and contracting firm, that works as a solution partner with its clients by making safe, high quality and cost effective designs and by using modern techniques and technological applications.

With its wide range of modern equipment and specialist crew, KASKTAŞ aims to be one of the best and most trustworthy geotechnical and foundation engineering companies both in Turkey and abroad, by embracing vision and values of ENKA and KASKTAŞ.

In order to continue its leading role as a geotechnical and foundation engineering company in the region, KASKTAŞ uses innovative and high technology solutions with its vast experience and high quality workmanship. The engineering and design details of completed and ongoing projects are continuously being re-assessed and reviewed in order to develop up-to-date engineering solutions to achieve better and effective results.

KASKTAŞ, continues all its activities successfully thorough its below mentioned principles and company values:

  • Wide range of modern equipment
  • Experienced and trained work force
  • Technical staff and know-how that can make designs and applications at the highest level
  • Application of HSE and Quality Management at highest priority and philosophy of the Company
  • Keeping Client satisfaction at utmost level in all its projects
  • Design, construct and complete all its projects by utilizing safe, high quality, cost effective solutions and within the time frames agreed upon with its solution partners,

and most importantly embracing the “Vision and Values of ENKA”.