1915 Canakkale Bridge European Approach Viaduct Ground Treatment And Pile Works

Following the successful completion of European and Asian Anchor Block excavation support works, the contract for the construction of 365 m long European Approach Viaduct ground treatment and piling works has been signed with the consortium DLSY (Yapı Merkezi-Daelim-SK-Limak).

Within the scope of the ground treatment works of the project, approximately 120,000 m deep mixing column (DSM) and ~30,000 m³ unreinforced barrette piles have been executed. In order to ensure the soft soil layers to be secured against liquefaction and deep seated slip; constructed DSM columns in 26.5 m length by means of intersecting cell lines and barrette piles up to 65 m depth constitute the difficult and ambitious applications of the project. In addition to the ground treatment works carried out around the foundations of viaducts; a total of 6,600 m foundation piles with a diameter of 150 cm and a maximum depth of 70 m have been executed. Prior to the design applications of DSM columns, test columns have been constructed to determine the engineering parameters of DSM columns and improved soil. Additionally, before commencement of the construction of piles with 150 cm diameter, 2 test piles have been executed in order to verify the design load. These piles have been tested under a total of 26 MN axial load by means of bi-directional loading test. Bauer BG 45 bored pile, RTG 27S DSM and MC 64-BC-32 diaphragm wall machines; which have recently joined to our machinery park and equipped with the latest technology have been used for the execution of the challenging works; much more deeper than the conventional works.

Project Description

1915 Canakkale Bridge European Approach Viaduct Ground Treatment And Pile Works

  • Engineering

Project Features

Key Quantities
Barrette Pile 30,000 m3
DSM 120,000 m
Project Duration
Start Date 28.03.2019
Finish Date 01.10.2019
Duration 6 Months


Canakkale, Turkey




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