4×125 Najybia Gas Turbine Power Plant

4×125 Najybia Gas Turbine Power Plant

Najybia Power Plant Project was successfully completed by ENKA. The project, located near Basrah, is part of a master plan developed and implemented by Republic of Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity to increase the power generation capacity to meet the rapid growth of demand in the country after 25 years of war and lack of investment. The scope of KASKTAŞ was foundation pile installation of various locations. A total of 67,500 foundation bored pile were completed.

Project Description

4×125 Najybia Gas Turbine Power Plant Basrah

  • Engineering

Project Features

ENKA Teknik
Key Quantities
Bored Pile 67,500 m
Project Duration
Start Date 01.01.2013
Finish Date 01.02.2014
Duration 13 Months


Basrah, Iraq




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