The 40-storey Al Jawhara Tower; which is located on the Corniche Road in Jeddah; consists of luxurious penthouses and apartments. A total of 3,600 m, 60 cm and 80 cm diameter secant piles; 10,750 m 90 cm and 120 cm diameter foundation piles; 8,800 m 80 cm diameter jet grout columns; 5,400 m impervious plug composed of jet grout columns; 30,000 m3 excavation and dewatering works were performed within the scope of the project. The jet grout application in this project is one of the first successful applications executed in coralline formation in Jeddah.

Project Description

Al Jawhara Tower Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

Damac Properties
Key Quantities
Secant Pile 3,600 m
Foundation Pile 7,722 m
Jet Grout Column 10,578 m
Grout Plug 5,400 m
Excavation and Dewatering Works 27,350 m3
Project Duration
Start Date 01.06.2009
Finish Date 01.09.2010
Duration 15 Months


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



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