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Albanian Motorway Project

Albanian Motorway Project was undertaken by Enka and Bechtel in September, 2006. The Rreshen-Kalimash Motorway Project is a key connection between Durres Port, Albania’s primary harbor on the Adriatic Sea, and Kosovo. The Rreshen-Kalimash motorway’s main purpose is to serve as a faster and safer route through the mountainous region. Within the scope of the project, permanent anchors, mini piles and drainage drillings were completed by KASKTAŞ.

Project Description

Albanian Motorway Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

ENKA Bechtel JV
Key Quantities
Permanent Anchor 1,965 m
Mini Pile 2,800 m
Drainage Drilling
Project Duration
Start Date 01.02.2009
Finish Date 01.08.2009
Duration 6 Months






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