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This project consists of the modernization and strengthening of quayside works; where petroleum platforms will be constructed. Ground improvement by stone column method was implemented under the unloading berth area; where extremely high loads were placed. In addition to 10,000 m of 820 mm diameter vertical and raked steel pipe piles, a total of 122,000 m of 800 to 1,000 mm diameter stone columns were installed by vibroreplacement technique.

Project Description

C&WP Topside Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

Tekfen Construction
Key Quantities
Stone Column (with Vibroreplacement Technique) 122,000 m
Vertical and Raked Steel Pipe Pile (Vibrocompaction by Vibroflotation Technique) 10,000 m
Project Duration
Start Date 01.02.2003
Finish Date 01.01.2004
Duration 11 Months


Baku, Azerbaijan




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