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Within the scope of Ford Otosan Automobile Factory in Gölcük, bored piles, jet grout columns and stone columns were successfully executed under the foundations of the different strcutures. 13 months after the project started; in other words when 90% of total work was accomplished, Gölcük Earthquake occurred in 1999 causing a huge devastation in the region. Owing to soil improvement works performed successfully, facilities at the factory survived with very minor damages. Although, the total area of the factory; which is ~1.6 million square meters; settled down by 1.5 m and horizontally shifted by 3 to 4 m, no major structural damage was observed.

A very comprehensive study was conducted to investigate the effects of the earthquake. With respect to these findings, construction works of the factory facility was resumed in 2001. Various number of tests were conducted as part of the comprehensive quality control program implemented at the project. Especially, after the earthquake, zone loading and plate loading tests were performed on areas previously improved so as to verify the performance of the existing foundations.

  • The longest (1998-2013) and the largest project completed in Turkey
  • Total facility area is 1.6 million square meters
  • Construction works started in May 1998, the factory has been under operation since April 2001
  • The project is not only the largest geotechnical and foundation engineering project completed in Turkey.

Project Description

Ford Otosan Automobile Plant, Phase I, II, III

  • Engineering

Project Features

Ford Otosan
Key Quantities

Phase I (1998 – 2006)

Bored Pile 151,500 m Phase II (2010)
Jet Grout 620,000 m Bored Pile 4,750 m
Stone Column 42,400 m Jet Grout 22,000 m
Diaphragm Wall 18,500 m2 Phase III (2011 – 2013)
Sheet Pile 12,900 m2 Bored Pile 33,750 m
Mini Pile 3,300 m Jet Grout 191,500 m
Project Duration
Start Date 01.08.1998
Finish Date 01.12.2012
Duration 175 Months


Kocaeli, Turkey




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