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Jeddah Hilton Hotel

Located on the Corniche Road in Jeddah, this project consists of a hotel building, function hall and apartment blocks constructed between 1995 and 2001. A total of 36,000 m of 100 cm diameter skin and base grouted bored piles were installed to transfer the building loads to the dense coral formation. Probing was performed in order to search for cavities under each pile and when a cavity was encountered during probing, it was filled with grouting. A detailed quality control program was implemented due to the subsoil conditions consisting of erratic and heterogeneous structure of the coralline limestone formations.

Project Description

Hilton Hotel Jeddah

  • Engineering

Project Features

Haif Trading and Construction
Key Quantities
Skin and Base Grouted Bored Pile, Cavity Probing and Cavity Grouting 36,000 m
Project Duration
Start Date 01.10.1995
Finish Date 01.09.1997
Duration 23 Months


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia




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