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Kuntsevo Multifunctional Trade & Business Center was built in Moscow with an area of  26,800 m2. The 25 m deep excavation pit was performed by a deep shoring system consisting of 45 m deep and D=80 cm diaphragm wall supported with 6 levels of pre stressed temporary ground anchors. In accordance to the preliminary shoring design, the anchor loads were calculated as 600 kN. Based on the results of pilot test anchors and groutability tests; which were installed by using traditional methods did not carry the target anchor loads, therefore an alternative technique; Single Bore Multiple Anchor (SBMA); KASKTAŞ’ registered product in Russia; was implemented. Additional pilot test anchors showed that SBMA anchors can successfully carry 90 ton. Finally 83,500 m of SBMA anchors; consisting of 6 nos 0.5″ diameter strand with a length of 18 to 30 meters were installed. The production of the anchors was carried out at a closed manufacturing plant established on the construction site. The systems used in this closed plant and the selected anchor materials made it possible to produce the high quality anchors.

  • Thanks to the diaphragm wall design up to 45 m length and socketed in to the rock formation and successfully production, excavation and dewatering works were completed successfully without any damage to the surrounding structures and neighbouring roads
  • The highest-capacity anchors were installed and the deepest excavation project was succesffully completed within the deep alluvial ground conditions in Moscow
  • In the scope of the project, inclinometer measurements were carried out simultaneously during excavation works in order to investigate the performance of the shoring system.

Project Description

Kuntsevo Multifunctional Trade & Business Center

  • Engineering

Project Features

ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Key Quantities
Single Bore Multiple Anchor 83,500 m
Diaphragm Wall 26,800 m2
Project Duration
Start Date 01.07.2011
Finish Date 01.05.2013
Duration 22 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation




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