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The Mahall Bomonti İzmir Project under construction is located at Bayraklı region in  İzmir. The deep foundation system and shoring design of Mahall Bomonti İzmir Project; which has a maximum 20 m of excavation depth and partially under ground water level was accomplished by KASKTAŞ. In order to perform the excavation in dry condition and safely without causing any hazard to surrounding structures and roadways; topographic properties of project site and soil conditions were taken into account for design. In the light of these prevailing circumstances, a shoring system consisting of 80 cm thick diaphragm wall having a length of 23 m to 28 m supported with 4 to 5 rows of anchors was designed. The deep foundation system consists of barette piles and bored piles. A total of 27,055 m3 of barette piles; whose dimensions are 120 cm x 280 cm with a maximum length of 80 m and 6,411 m of bored piles with various diameters and lengths.

Within the scope of project, 27,500 m² of diaphragm wall, 55,200 m of SBMA type prestressed anchor are to be constructed. As per the strict quality control program, prism reflector, inclinometer and anchor load cells are placed, readings are recorded and results are reported to the employer.

The shoring project was designed with high capacity single bored multiple anchor (SBMA) technology which is a proprietary product of KASKTAŞ using for the first time in Turkey. Prior to production anchors, investigation tests for both SBMA type and SUT type (Single Unit Test) test anchors were carried out in order to verify SBMA anchors can carry the  design load of 65 tons in this soil conditions. During the anchor tests, a maximum capacity of 185 tons was achieved.

A preliminary pile load test by using o-cell technique will be applied on a 100 m long test barette pile so as to verify the bearing capacity of a barette pile; which will be the longest barette pile constructed in Turkey when it is completed.

Due to quite strict work schedule, construction works (barette pile, bored pile, diaphragm wall, head beams, steel pipe struts, wale beams and anchors) have to be finished in 3 different zones successively. Highest capacity anchors are to be constructed in soft alluvial soil İzmir, Bayraklı region. It will be the deepest and largest excavation and deepest barette piled system in soft alluvial soil conditions at İzmir, Bayraklı region when it is completed.

Project Description

Mahall Bomonti İzmir Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

Türkerler Construction
Key Quantities
Barette Pile 27,055 m³
Bored Pile 6,411 m
Diaphragm Wall 27,091 m²
 SBMA Anchor 67,170 m
Project Duration
Start Date 01.05.2016
Finish Date 01.09.2017
Duration 17 Months


İzmir, Turkey




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