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Since the middle of the 1980s the Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid Al Haram Al Sharif, Masjid An-Nabawi) in Medina has been expanded with the area around the mosque developed by The Medina Central Area Development Project. In accordance with this on­going project, older existing structures are being replaced by modern buildings which are primarily hotels and shopping centers to serve pilgrims.

From 1984 onward Kasktas Arabia Ltd. has successfully undertaken the geotechnical works of more than 50 projects in Medina, 43 of them located in the Central Area.

All major projects in Medina undertaken by Kasktas Arabia Ltd. are;

  • Plot 1 Bani Najjar
  • Plot 2 Car Par Extension
  • Plot 3 Medina Taiba Hotels
  • Plot 4 Medina Hilton Hotel
  • Plot 5 Qebla Center
  • Plot 6 Sedco Tower
  • Plot 7 Prophet’s Mosque Extension Project
  • Plot 8 Justice Court
  • Plot 9 Dallah 1&2

Bani Najjar

The Bani Najjar Project, located in the Eastern Central Area, adjacent to the Prophet’s Mosque’s Piazza consists of 6 towers including a shopping mall and a hotel. Kasktas Arabia Ltd.’s scope of work is geotechnical design; 250,000 m³ excavation; 21,000 m² shoring works (12,000 m² of berliner wall and 9,000 m² of diaphragm wall).

Medina Taiba Hotels

The Medina Taiba Hotel and Business Center Projects (Taiba1 and 2) are located in the Northern Central Area. These projects were among the first major projects in the Central Area with excavation, shoring, piling and raft foundation works successfully undertaken between 1992 and 1995. Construction of the Taiba 3 Hotel commenced in 1995 and an anchored piled wall was selected for the shoring system. The piled raft foundation designed by the soil-structure interaction approach was the first of its kind in Medina.

Car Par Extension

Located in the Eastern Central Area, this project consists of underground car parks and a bus station under the east square of the Prophet’s Mosque. The geotechnical works consist of 35 m deep diaphragm walls with a total area of 8,260 m² and 13,600 m long ground anchors. The diaphragm wall panels and temporary ground anchor installation works were successfully completed only a few meters from the wall of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Project Description

Medina Central Area Development Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

  • Saudi Bin Ladin Group,
  • Al Rawafid, Half Trading and Contracting Est.,
  • Aqar Holding,
  • Sedco (Bin Mahfouz),
  • Min. of Finance & National Economy and M. Bin Ladin Group,
  • Min. of Ewkaf and M. Bin Ladin Group, Dallah Group Company
Key Quantities
Anchor 19,500 m
Diaphragm Wall 8,000 m2
Berliner Wall 13,700 m2
Slurry Wall 2,600 m
Bored Pile 41,450 m
Piling Works 4,800 m
Excavation 250,000 m3
Shoring Works 21,000 m2
Project Duration
Start Date 01.10.1986
Finish Date 01.08.2007
Duration 64 Months


Medina, Saudi Arabia




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