Within the scope of the Michurinsky residency project in Moscow, 17,400 m of Bored Pile work has been completed.

The completed piles have the following properties:

After the concrete has been poured into each pile, a precast concrete pile is driven into the piles, which increases the pile bearing capacity and the adherence between the soil and the pile concrete. This is a patented pile application of NIIOSP.

In addition, the pile base remains in the sand layer containing artesian pressurized water. Therefore, it is possible the sand to boil at the bottom of the pile after the completion of the boring. In order to prevent this, 430 no.s of Jet Grout columns, made with jet-2 method, have been constructed in the pile base before boring. This column prevents the boiling by forming the bulb shape structure on the base of the pile as well as acting as a pile toe.


Project Description

Michurinsky Bored Pile Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

Ant Yapı (ANTTEQ)
Key Quantities
Bored Pile  15.000 m
 Jet Grout  1.500 m
Project Duration
Start Date 03.01.2018
Finish Date 06.08.2018
Duration 7 Months


Moscow, Russia




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