Riyad Metro – Line Number 3

Within the content of the Riyad Metro Project, one of the largest construction projects in Saudi Arabia, bored piles with 120 cm and 150 cm diameter in the Western Stretch region viaducts were completed. The project is followed by piling works with 100 cm diameter in 3D1-3D3 Stations, piling works with 120 cm and 150 cm diameter in the Eastern Stretch viaducts and shoring works with mini pile and anchors in 3F2 Cut & Cover Ramp respectively.

Riyad Metro – Line Number 5

The shoring works with bored pile and anchors were completed at 5A2, 5A5 and 5A6 stations within the content of Riyad Metro, Line Number 5. Moreover, anchor works at 5B3 station, secant piling works at South Shaft and mini piling works for ventilation shafts were also successfully carried out. Within the scope of the project bored piles, mini piles and anchors were completed.

Project Description

Riyadh Metro Project Piling and Shoring Works

  • Engineering

Project Features

Ar Riyadh New Mobility (CWG)
Key Quantities
Bored Pile 10,000 m
Anchor 10,350 m
Mini Pile 6,600 m
Project Duration
Start Date 13.10.2015
Finish Date Ongoing Project
Duration Ongoing Project


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




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