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St. Petersburg Western High-Speed Diameter Motorway Project is one of the most important public-private partnership (PPP) agreement realized in Russia up to now. Within the scope of the Project a series of bridges combining the islands and a 47 km long highway were constructed in the west side of the city St. Petersburg along the Baltic Sea shoreline. Foundation piles and diaphragm walls are constructed by Kasktaş for 13 km of the highway section. In the content of the project 70,000 m2 of Diaphragm Wall and 52,400 m Foundation Pile were completed.

Foundation piles with various diameters and lengths were constructed. Some of these piles were on-shore piles, but majority of them were off-shore piles; which were executed from cofferdams / artificial islands; composed of sheetpiled walls and filled with sand material with a limited access and working conditions. These cofferdams were located at the viaducts of the bridges and were connected to each other by temporary access roads.

Under the challenging nature and limited operating conditions, the foundation piles of the viaducts were completed successfully (In winter temperature is around -30o C and -35o C).

  • Due to the fact that the works were carried out from small cofferdams / artificial islands; where the working conditions are very limited, number of machinery & equipment was increased and high technology drilling systems and drilling attachments were used
  • The successful completion of this unique project has demonstrated the international competitiveness and high quality work of Kasktaş and its engineers in an extremely difficult environment in one of the most challenging construction projects.

Project Description

Western High Speed Diameter Motorway Project – Stage IV & V

  • Engineering

Project Features

Ica Astaldi-Ic ICTAS WHSD Construction
Key Quantities
Foundation Pile 52,400 m
Diaphragm Wall 70,000 m2
Project Duration
Start Date 01.04.2013
Finish Date 01.07.2014
Duration 15 Months


St. Petersburg, Russian Federation




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