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This motorway is a major national project being undertaken by the Algerian government. Traversing the country, the motorway will stretch from the Tunisian border in the east to the Moroccan border in the west, for a total distance of 1,200 kilometers. The project has been divided into three parts: the eastern, central, and western lots. COJAAL won the contract for the eastern lot, which required high technological capabilities. KASKTAŞ, as a subcontractor of COJAAL, carried out the installation of bored piles in order to incerase the bearing capacity of foundation under the bridge piers.

Project Description

Algeria Motorway Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

Key Quantities
Bored Pile 8,650 m
Project Duration
Start Date 01.12.2008
Finish Date 01.09.2009
Duration 9 Months






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