The Lamar Towers in Jeddah; which is 50 m away from the Red Sea; consist of two multi functional towers and will be one of the tallest buildings in Jeddah at a 335 m height. The podium structure consists of 13 floors (61.5 m) combines the two towers. The project total floor ares is 28,500 m2.

The shoring system was designed by KASKTAŞ with a diaphragm wall supported by a single row of temporary ground anchors. The excavation depth is ~ 9 meters and the excavation circumference is 780 m. The foundations of the buildings sit on a coral limestone layer about 9 m depth from the ground level. A total of 20,000 m2 diaphragm wall and slurry wall; 7,000 m anchors were installed. Subsequently, an impervious grout plug ranging from 4 m to 6 m in thickness under the excavation base was successfully carried out within coral formation. In addition 225,000 m3 excavation and dewatering works were also successfully completed.

Under tower and podium foundations 64,000 m bored pile with skin and base grout and cavity grouting were completed. The bore pile diameter under the foundations varied 70 cm to 150 cm. Each pile bottom was improved with cement grouting and with cavity grouting bearing capacity of foundation piles was increased. The coral sand observed in the site caused many difficulties in pile design because of its highly variable structure and its uncertain engineering features. To verify the pile design, pilot pile and working pile load tests were carried out using the Osterberg Cell method. In order to confirm the pile design, two preliminary loading tests were carried out with the Osterberg Cell method under the 15 MN bi-directional load corresponding to the 30 MN load for the first time in Jeddah.

Pilot Pile Load Tests, O-Cell Working Pile Load Tests, Working Pile Load Tests, Sonic Logging Tests and PIT Tests were carried out during and after production of piles.

The project is one of the deepest and largest excavation and dewatering project in coral formation not only in Jeddah but also in the World.

Project Description

Lamar Towers

  • Engineering

Project Features

Cayan Group
Key Quantities
Diaphragm Wall 13,500 m2
Anchor 7,000 m
Bored Pile 63,800 m
Injection 74,000 m
Slurry Wall 6,600 m2
Grout Blanket 350,000 m
Excavation 220,000 m3
Project Duration
Start Date 01.09.2007
Finish Date 01.10.2011
Duration 50 Months


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia




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