Masar Project Package A Shoring Works

The project aims to enable visitors coming through the Haramain Train, which connects Medina-Jeddah-Mecca, to reach the Harem via the metro system in Mecca. The project consists of a 9.5 km road which will take the traffic around the Harem underground, 60 m wide pedestrian road, hotels, underpasses and overpasses, subway stations, energy transmission and infrastructure elements. The project aims to make the city of Mecca an attraction centre all year round in order to support religion, commercial and social aspects with a modern urbanism approach.

As Kasktas Arabia Ltd., the agreement has been reached with Umm Al Qura, the project owner company, for the shoring works of 6 parcels in the MASAR Project. The design and implementation of the project is carried out by Kasktas Arabia Ltd., and the execution has started as of December 2020.

Within the scope of the project, bored piles, temporary anchors, berliner wall, shotcrete, rock bolt, beam and tie-back anchors will be executed.

Project Description

Masar Project Package A Shoring Works

  • Engineering

Project Features

Umm Al Qura
Key Quantities
Bored Pile 2,600 m
Berliner Wall 4,600 m2


Anchor 8,200 m
Tie-back Anchor 3,400 m


Shotcrete 1,100 m2
Soil Nail 3,000 m
Project Duration
Start Date 15.12.2020
Finish Date Current






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