Mostar Bridge

Mostar Bridge

The historical Mostar Bridge collapsed on November 9, 1993 as a result of bombing during the civil war in the former state of Yugoslavia. Reconstruction of the bridge and the historical environment were performed under the supervision of the World Bank and UNESCO. The foundation of the bridge was improved and underwater concrete pouring was performed for the first time ever in this project. Consolidation grouting and mini piling works were also performed along the banks of a high speed discharge river.

Project Description

Mostar Bridge

  • Engineering

Project Features

Yapı Merkezi
Key Quantities
  • Consolidation Grouting
  • Mini Pile
  • Anchor
  • Cavity Filling
  • Underwater Concreting in High Speed Flow River
  • Piezometer and Inclinometer Installation
Project Duration
Start Date 01.05.2001
Finish Date 01.02.2002
Duration 9 Months


Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina




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