Saharova Red 7 Project Foundation Pile Works

Located at the intersection of the Clasiyo and Akademiceskya Streets in Moscow, Saharova RED 7 Project consists of luxurious residences, 4 underground car park floors and trade centers. Within the scope of the project, all the existing reinforced concrete constructions at the site, except diaphragm walls, have been removed and bored piles have been installed under the building. After the slab located at 0.00 level had been taken out, a steel platform; which had a capacity of 200-tons, had been formed on top of the slab located at -1.00 level and the bored pile machine had been placed on this platform. During bored pile installations, the steel platform with a hydraulic system enabled to move piling machine to all pile locations.


A total of 5.600 m of 88-100 cm diameter bored pile installation works had been completed within the scope of the project.

Project Description

Saharova Red 7 Project Foundation Pile Works

  • Engineering

Project Features

Key Quantities
Pile Work 5,500 m
Project Duration
Start Date 06.03.2019
Finish Date Current


Moscow, Russia




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