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Tsvetnoy Multifunctional Complex

In Tsvetnoy Project, a local subcontractor was started geotechnical works. However, due to the excessive unpredictable displacements encountered, KASKTAŞ was involved in the Project. Within the content of the remedial measures, a total of 550 m steel pipe pile, 1,140 m secant bored pile and 2,400 m top down bored piles were successfully executed in order to strengthen the existing shoring system.

Project Description

Tsvetnoy Multifunctional Complex Project

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Project Features

ENKA Capital Group
Key Quantities
Steel Pipe Pile 550 m
Secant Pile 1,140 m
Top Down 2,400 m
Project Duration
Start Date 01.06.2007
Finish Date 01.10.2007
Duration 4 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation




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