Maad Hospitality Tower Project

The contract for the Maad Hospitality Tower Project, which is built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, has been signed in April 2018. The project consists of the rock bolt and shotcrete works which are executed on the existing slope surface.

Rock bolt drillings have been executed with hydraulic drilling machines which are suspended 0-80 m high on a platform hanged to 400-ton-capacity cranes. The rock slope has dimensions of 185 m width and 80 m height. For the slope stability; 23,000 m of permanent Rock Bolt with 15 m length and 21,000 m2 of Shotcrete works have been completed. In addition, excavation safety has been monitored with instrumental observations techniques.

Besides; 4,500 m of Dowel Bar work has been executed for the retaining wall construction in front of the rock slope.

The constructions are very critical due to the existences of the settlement areas and highways on top of the slope. Depending on the application techniques specially developed for the project, the Maad Hospitality Tower is one of the most difficult and challenging rock stability projects in the Mecca Region.


Project Description

Maad Hospitality Tower Project

  • Engineering

Project Features

Key Quantities
Rock Bolt 23,000 m
Shotcrete 21,000 m2
Project Duration
Start Date 07.11.2017
Finish Date Current






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